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Existing iOS Subscribers Now Get eSIM Support from Google Fi

Back in April, Google announced that iPhone device users can already activate Google Fi via eSIM on their phones. This option was offered to its new MVNO subscribers who were using newer iPhone models. Now, this option is being rolled out to its existing subscribers too.

This is the same experience that was offered on Pixel device users. If you are an existing Google Fi subscriber with an iPhone, you can replace your physical nano-SIM card with the MVNO's downloadable eSIM. This is made possible because of the Google Fi version 2.5 companion app that the MVNO rolled out yesterday. The app update mentions "You can now activate Fi via eSIM on select iPhone devices."

This functionality has not been released officially. But there have been some users who were able to get it to work by uninstalling the Fi app and re-installing it. Once they've signed in, they receive a prompt to switch to eSIM. After that, they were sent to Fi's Quick Setup page so they could scan a QR code. The rest of the process involves setting up data and MMS.

Switching to eSIM lets you free up your device's physical SIM slot. This way, you can use dual-SIM technology.

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