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Is Charter Adding AT&T as MVNO Partner?

It looks like Charter Communications has some plans of expanding its Spectrum Mobile business.

After almost three years of providing service in the MVNO sector, Charter may be adding another network provider. Ever since the MVNO service launched, it has always been a Verizon MVNO. But with today's news, there is a pretty big chance it would soon offer service under AT&T's network too.

The speculation started after Charter CEO Tom Rutledge expressed that they "had discussions about the MVNO" and that they were "interested in having a relationship with them." The statement was made on a MoffettNathanson investor call earlier today.

During the call, the executive also discussed the impacts of the coronavirus health crisis and how much this has highlighted the importance of home Wi-Fi network. Rutledge shared that 80% of the bits from the mobile devices of Spectrum Mobile subscribers "are actually traveling over the Wi-Fi network connected to our network."

As it turns out, when its subscribers stay home, they are using Charter's Wi-Fi network. And this "frees the burden on the mobile network and puts the burden on our network, which is quite capable." Rutledge also shared that "80% of the value of a mobile device is fixed-location use."

Right now, Rutledge isn't the only one who's noticing the importance of Wi-Fi networks that are currently handling the load of traffic. This has been the case ever since the coronavirus pandemic made an impact in the country. And because of the huge demand for Wi-Fi network, the CEO is considering further opportunities where they can use CBRS spectrum to "augment" networks.

"I look at our mobile business as an enhancement of our broadband business. To the extent I can provide good mobile to customers, I can create a lot of growth for the purpose of driving satisfaction in my broadband business. The notion of wireless, wireline and fixed wireless are converging."

Source: Fierce Wireless 


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