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Meet HMD Global's Latest Feature Phones: the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150

HMD Global has announced its latest feature phones to the public.

The smartphone manufacturer refers to these new phones, the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150, as "built for everyday". Considering these are feature phones, they contain basic specs like a 2.4-inch screen and wireless FM radio. 

Both devices also come with larger buttons, so it's easier to text and dial numbers. They also come with impressive battery life that promises to last up to weeks on a single charge. Most importantly, these phones are equipped with the ever so famous and classic Snake game that everyone who owned a Nokia device used to play. 

What separates these models from each other are some extra features. The Nokia 125 comes with an ergonomic design and a durable finish. It has storage capable of storing up to 2,000 contacts and 500 SMS messages. 

Meanwhile, the Nokia 150 is the more advanced model of the two. It comes with other features like an MP3 player, Bluetooth, a VGA camera with a flash, and up to 32GB expandable storage for media. It also has an ergonomic and durable design, but comes with a polycarbonate material. 

These phones will be making their way to select markets at a price of $24. Right now, HMD Global has not revealed where these phones will be launching but they seem promising especially for those who are looking for a sturdy device for basic calls and texts.

Source: HMD Global 


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  1. Why in the world didn't you vest 5 minutes into the specifications of these, determine that they're 900/1800 band and absolutely useless in the USA?

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