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MVNOs Owned by Cable Operators Report Increase in Subs for Q1 2020

Cable operators in the country have released their earnings for Q1 2020 and it shows some promising numbers.

But of course, this can be expected, especially since a lot of people have unexpectedly shifted to learning and working from home as a result of the health crisis.

The companies, Comcast, Altice, and Charter, all reported an increase in their broadband subscribers during this quarter.

In addition to its broadband business, the three companies also saw an increase in new subscriptions in their mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business this quarter.

Xfinity Mobile

Comcast reportedly added 216,000 new wireless lines, earning a total of 2.3 million lines. This allowed the company to increase its wireless revenue by 52% to $343 million in its Xfinity Mobile brand.

Despite this increase, analysts predict that the Verizon MVNO won't be able to break-even until Q1 2021 when they reach 3-3.5 million subs.

Altice Mobile

On the other hand, Altice Mobile reportedly added 41,000 new subscribers during the quarter. This earned the a revenue of $18 million. Considering it only launched in September 2019, the company has reached a total of 110,000 mobile lines.

Analysts, however, are saying that the new adds that the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO reported are lower than the estimated 65,000. A possible reason for this is Altice's decision to remove its promo and the closure of its retail stores. 

Spectrum Mobile

Lastly, Charter reported adding 290,000 new lines for its Spectrum Mobile business in the first quarter alone. By the end of the quarter, they reported having a total of 1.4 million subscribers.

The first quarter of the year was pretty momentous for the MVNO, having launched its 5G service. With this, they are able to offer 5G service to customers with a $45 per month unlimited data plan.

Although the numbers look promising for these cable providers, it's important to know that the new lines could significantly decrease as the months progress. With the pandemic causing people to stay at home, it's unlikely that people will want to go out to change providers anytime soon.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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