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Samsung & Google Working to Improve RCS Messaging

Samsung has partnered with Google to make Rich Communication Services (RCS) more compatible with Galaxy devices.

For quite some time, select Galaxy models have already gained support for RCS messaging. But despite this, it has always been carrier-dependent. With the partnership of Google and Samsung, this is expected to change for the better. This will help devices have RCS messaging, even if your carrier does not support the technology.

According to reports, Samsung will use Google's Chat service so it can offer RCS messaging in its native Messages app. This will allow users with Galaxy devices to access the technology in countries where RCS has been rolled out. The RCS capabilities of its Messages app, however, will still depend on the device, carrier and market. Some users have reportedly received the new feature.

This is good news for those who have been awaiting for RCS messaging to be available. It has long been perceived to replace SMS. And it is a welcomed change to the aging technology. RCS messaging provides more features like read receipts, group chats, sending multimedia during a call, and several other features. 

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