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Straight Talk Wireless Shows Q1 2020 Earnings

Straight Talk Wireless has just unveiled its earnings report for the first quarter of the year. And as the numbers show, they continue to be a best-selling business for its parent company, América Móvil.

During this first quarter, the prepaid brand was able to add 91,000 new subscribers. This gives them a total subscriber count of 9.473 million, despite the loss reported by the other major carrier prepaid brands. Along with its increased number of new subscribers, the MVNO was also able to grow its year-over year subscriber base by 1.2%.

Comparing this with the other América Móvil-owned brands, Straight Talk Wireless truly stands out. Year over year, SafeLink lost 22.9% of its subscribers. A reason for this could be because the company is moving towards higher-margin customers. América Móvil did not disclose the details for subscriber counts of the other brands they owned. But collectively, these other brands lost 4.2% subscriber base year-over-year. They dropped to 9.180 million from last year's count of 9.581 million.

As it faces a new quarter, Straight Talk Wireless has updated its tagline and one of its plans. They have increased the data included in its $35 per month plan, which now includes 5GB of high-speed data instead of the original 3GB of high-speed data included.

As spotted by Wave7 Research, the company's new tagline reads "No Contract No Compromise". This has been changed from the previous "Everything For Less" tagline. Considering this new tagline was spotted in one of its new TV ads, it looks like the T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon MVNO has put an end to its TV ad spending hiatus that it initiated back in April. And this is just in time when the rest of the country is slowly reopening its economies.

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