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T-Mobile Details "New Normal" Changes in Retail Store Re-Opening

T-Mobile was just one of the companies that shut down its retail stores in March as a way of helping contain the virus. The wireless network closed all of its retail stores situated inside shopping malls. A few days after that, it shut down 80% of its stores. This was because they were among the services dubbed as "essential" and were permitted to continue operating.

Now that some states are slowly returning to a new normal, T-Mo is getting ready to do the same. And in line with this, T-Mobile's Executive Vice President of Consumer Markets, Jon Freier, has explained the different changes that will be made to keep its customers and employees safe.

Among the changes include a reduced capacity on social distancing so that everyone stays at a safe distance from each other. Apart from being a polite gesture, a T-Mobile employee will now be opening the door whenever a customer enters or leaves the store. This helps in reducing contact with the door handle. T-Mobile employees will also be wearing face masks and will use sanitizer to disinfect the demo equipment found on display at the store. Their own personal devices will also be sprayed and cleaned thoroughly.

You can also do your transactions over their website so you no longer have to visit a store. It also provides 24/7 help for any question you need. They can also help connect you with your local store and arrange a curbside or in-store pick-up for any pending orders.

"All of these actions are being taken to keep you safe and comfortable while we help keep you connected to your world. To our customers, our store teams, and all of those in the communities that we serve across this great country of ours, thank you for your patience and your partnership over these last few months."

You can watch the announcement here.

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