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T-Mobile Honors First Responders With Free Plan

T-Mobile is giving first responders in the country access to free and unlimited service. 

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that it will be giving all official Emergency Medical Services, police, and fire agencies in the country free and unlimited service. This plan comes with unlimited smartphone and tablet data with access to 5G network connection. 

The plan includes unlimited free data, text, and voice within the US. Streaming, however, is limited to SD quality as well as 1GB high-speed mobile hotspot. The plan also comes with 5GB of high-speed data in Canada and Mexico. 

There is also an option to get a step-up plan at $15 per month. This plan includes unlimited texting and basic data across the world. It also comes with 20GB mobile hotspot data and unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi with Gogo. 

These two new plans are exclusively available to full-time staff. It is only available to company accounts that have been registered to a verified first responder agency. The volunteers that will be given these plans will be dependent on the station chief or commander's discretion.

T-Mobile has promised to offer these plans for a total of ten years. 

Source: T-Mobile 

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  1. Boy that is a huge contrast/ versus the time of the California fires that Verizon cut-off first responders from their use of their Network.

  2. LOL... What agency would choose this over FirstNet? MARKETING GIMMICK!

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