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Verizon Wireless Taking $10 Off on Unlimited & 16GB Prepaid Pan

Verizon has just unveiled a new online-only promotion.

For a limited time period, Verizon is taking $10 off on its Unlimited and 16GB prepaid plans.

If you are interested in this promotion, you simply need to activate a new or existing mobile device online on either of the plans. You can opt for a single line or be the first line holder on a family account.

After you've activated a new line, you will receive a $10 credit on your account. This is a discount that's on top of their Auto Pay activation. So if you are going to activate service on the $55 per month plan, you'd only need to pay $35 on your plan.

You can get more information on this offer here.

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  1. Right now, Verizon's prepaid plans have a confusing combination of overlapping promotions and discounts.

    If you can sort through the confusion, some great deals are available.
    LIMITED TIME ONLY. Requires New activation on $50 or $70 phone plan for a single line or the first line on a Family Account. $10 Service credit applied to Account Owner each month prior to plan renewal,starting with Month 2. May be combined with the double the data, $60 port in and Auto Pay offers. Customer must remain on these eligible plans to receive the $10/month credit. Offer not available for tablets or Jetpacks.

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