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Visible Launches First Ever National TV Ad Campaign

Verizon's very own prepaid brand is now ready to take things to the next level. Earlier this month, Visible launched its first ever ad campaign on national TV. 

As spotted by Wave7 Research, Visible did not just spend on a few spots but a "major TV ad blitz". The ad aired last May 17 on major networks (like ABC, NBC, CNN, and Bravo) and online. It is said to continue airing for six weeks. 

It looks like Verizon has enough budget to advertise its prepaid brand. But ever since the brand launched two years ago, they have not disclosed their exact subscriber count. 

The ad invited viewers to "Meet Visible".  The prepaid brand continues to offer just one $40 per month plan that comes with unlimited everything. For new customers, they are continuing the $25 offer on the first month of service. 

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