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ZIP SIM Announces Shutdown Due to COVID-19

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, T-Mobile MVNO ZIP SIM has announced that it is shutting down. The company offers temporary phone plans for travelers visiting the US. 

Earlier this week, the company sent out an email to its subscribers. The company explained the reason why it decided to shut down.

"To call COVD-19's impact on travel, "severe" would be an understatement. As a business built on enabling communication for travelers, ZIP SIM has, unsurprisingly, been significantly affected. As a result, we regret to inform you that ZIP SIM will cease operations on June 30, 2020."

So what does this mean for existing customers? It's important that you start the porting out process before the MVNO shuts down on June 30. Otherwise, you'll be losing your number. 

Apart from the scheduled shutdown on June 30, ZIP SIM announced that they will permanently be suspending all top-ups starting June 15. If you are a subscriber, you won't be able to extend your plan anymore. You can still file for refund or reimbursement for your ZIP SIM store credits or any unactivated SIM cards that you have. You have until August 31 to do this. 

You can get to know more information about ZIP SIM's decision here


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