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AT&T Letting Go of Up to 3,400 Employees

Earlier this week, there were reports that T-Mobile would be laying off Sprint employees. The company has responded to the report and promised that they will be adding 5,000 new jobs within one year. Now it looks like AT&T is joining the same boat.

The report comes from Reuters, who shared that AT&T will be laying off up to 3,400 of its workforce across the country. This was later confirmed by AT&T. The affected positions include technicians and clerical jobs.

In addition to reducing its workforce, AT&T has been confirmed to be shutting down some of its Cricket Wireless dealer and corporate stores. The brand will be closing 250 retail stores, which will also affect a total of 1,300 jobs in the retail sector.

AT&T issued a statement on this:

"These actions align with our focus on growth areas alone with lower customer demand for some legacy products and the economic impact and changed customer behaviors resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, there will be targeted, but sizable reductions in our workforce across executives, managers and union-represented employees, consistent with our previously announced transformation initiative."

The main labor union of AT&T, Communications Workers of America (CWA), strongly opposes these reductions. The union shares that "instead of cutting jobs, AT&T must lead the recovery." The union believes that the health crisis has caused Americans to be "more dependent than ever on reliable communications services." But because there are not enough affordable broadband data connections, particularly in rural areas, many are having a difficulty with this.

The CWA believes that AT&T should employ its technicians and workforce to lead the US into recovery by establishing next-generation networks.

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