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AT&T Prepaid's 40/Month Plan is Exclusively Available at Select Dealers

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AT&T Prepaid has quietly rolled out a new $40 plan that you can only find at select dealers. 

The new plan features unlimited calls, texts, 12GB high-speed data, and 10GB mobile hotspot for $40 per month. Once the data allotment is used up, the data speed is slowed down to 2G. 

The plan also comes with unlimited calls and texts to Mexico and Canada, as well as unlimited texts to more than 100 countries.  

As mentioned, this plan is exclusively carried by select AT&T Prepaid dealers. You won't get to find it on their official website or their retail stores. In addition to this, the plan is only available to new customers who either activate a new line or port-in a new number. This means that existing customers cannot get this plan. 

An independent dealer called Pioneer Mobile has marketed this plan as a multi-month plan offer. You will have to pay a total of $120 for three months of service under this plan.

To know more about the plan, visit this website

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  1. Existing customers can switch to this plan, if you are not selling At&t prepaid contact UWG to become a dealer today [email protected]

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