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AT&T Starts Deploying Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Feature for 5G

AT&T has announced a new feature they have recently deployed in north Texas.

The feature, called Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), is an optional feature found in the 5G NR standard. This feature allows both 4G and 5G technologies to share one frequency band. As a result, they allow a greater and more efficient deployment of 5G in frequency bands that are already existing.

According to the report, DSS is capable of dynamically re-assigning radio spectrum in real time, depending on demand. Once more 5G-capable devices become active in one area, the frequencies get automatically reassigned from 4G to 5G.

If DSS is not present, the only ones that get reassigned from 4G to 5G are the relatively large chunks of radio spectrum. And this is not even done in real-time and not based on demand.

AT&T is among the first ones to present and use the technology, which will eventually be up to 5G standards. Verizon has unveiled its plans to deploy the same feature soon.

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