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Confirmed: Cricket Wireless Closing Some Stores

Last Thursday, there were reports that AT&T will be shutting down some of its Cricket Wireless dealer stores. The report shares that as much as 200 dealer stores will be closed by the prepaid brand. Since then, more reports have been shared regarding this topic.

According to one report, the closure of these stores was supposed to take place later in the year. But because of the ongoing health crisis, this was moved up. AT&T did not provide an exact number of stores it would be closing, but it referred to this as a "very small portion" with its overall distribution. But the wireless carrier shared this in a statement:

"With more customers shopping online, we are reducing the number of our retail stores to align with our customers' needs. While these plans are not new, they have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic."

With the way things are going, the shopping habits of customers have turned online. A spokesperson for the company shared that "these changes will help us deliver services to customers in a way they prefer."

In addition to its dealer stores, AT&T will be closing down some of corporate stores as well. Most of the employees affected by the closures have been said to receive a guaranteed offer in another position in the company. Those who don't qualify for new roles, on the other hand, will be receiving a severance pay.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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