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Cricket Wireless Ending $15 Plan With 2GB Data on July 14

Cricket Wireless will be removing the $15 plan that it previously offered during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the free message that the AT&T prepaid brand sent out, the plan will no longer be available starting July 15, 2020. 

Customers are advised to either choose a different plan or be automatically moved to the $30 per month 2GB plan after July 14.

The report gives a sad update to the plan since many expected that Cricket will grandfather the plan. If you are shopping around for options, you can visit this website for ideas.

The $15 plan included unlimited calls, texts, and 2GB of high-speed data. 

Source: Reddit 


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  1. I was happy for the relief, but they aren't letting me keep the $15/2GB plan or go back to my old plan, the 0-10-20-30-40 group save plan, now I get to shop around. I will never go back to cricket after they used COVID-19 as a trick to raise my bill

    1. T-mo is continues to offer a very similar $15 plan if T-mo works for you.

      Several Sprint & T-mo MVNO offer $10/mo. T&T w/1gb some even softcap.

  2. There's always other options, such as Tello. Red Pocket is now available at Target stores.

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