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Google Launching Feature that Tells You Why a Business is Calling You

Nobody likes getting spam calls. As a matter of fact, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have been battling robocalls for quite some time now. Even the wireless carriers have been doing their part in helping identify and block these calls. And today, Google announced a new feature that will help smartphone users better assess incoming calls.

Google will soon be launching a Verified Calls feature that gives the business name, logo, and a reason why they are calling you. Google made the announcement on its support page where it talked about the new feature in more detail.

According to Google, a business will have to supply their phone number, your number, and why they are calling you. The collected information will then be pushed to the Phone app for verification. If the information is accurate, the phone app will assign a Call Verified badge to it.

The good news is, Google will be making this feature available by default. But there are some limitations to it. Since businesses are the ones who will be providing their information to Google, Verified Calls rely on the honesty of these businesses. This means that the calls that go through without a verified badge is not necessarily tagged as spam.

Another downfall to this is that the feature currently only works on Google Phone app so not every Android phone carries it. You will also need to add your phone number to your Google account, but Google will be deleting your phone number and reason for the call "within minutes" after the call has been verified.

You can learn more about this announcement here.



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  1. Let Google learn to mind its own business first.

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