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Google Releases Update Exclusively for Pixel Devices

Nowadays, an individual's health plays an important factor. This is why Apple and Google have come up with a technology for contact tracing to help with coronavirus outbreaks. In addition to this feature, Google has released a new update for Pixel phone users. 

Originally, the Personal Safety app was released solely for Pixel 4 users. But thanks to a software update, this app now comes with added features and is available across all Pixel phones. 

One of the features that is recently added is the "Safety Check", which gives the app a scheduled time to ask if you are safe. If you are unable to respond to this in a span of time, the app will send out an alert to your emergency contacts. 

The app also now comes with car crash detection support on Pixel 3 devices. There is also a new "bedtime" feature available in the Clock app, which hosts a series of features that help you achieve a consistent schedule for sleep. 

The newly released update also adds an Assistant shortcut for the Recorder app and improves battery life. To know more about the new features, visit this page.

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