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HTC Unveiling Two Phones Next Week

HTC is set to introduce a new smartphone in a few days. But apart from this device, they are getting ready to unveil a couple of new devices in an event next week.

This was confirmed via its official Twitter account today. The post shared that the smartphone manufacturer will be unveiling the two devices on June 16th. Prior to being launched globally, the two phones will arrive in Taiwan first.

According to reports, one of the devices that HTC will unveil next week is the much awaited HTC Desire 20 Pro. This device is said to come with Snapdragon 665 processor, 6GB of RAM, and a 2340x1080 display resolution. It will be running Android 10 OS upon release. The teaser image of the phone shows a device with multiple cameras on the rear and a hole-punch selfie camera.

Although there is no word on the other HTC device that will be revealed next week, there are reports that the manufacturer will be unveiling more information on the HTC Vive too.

Are you looking forward to next week's launch?


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  1. Visble now has the Samsung A51 for $200 off right now with service. No specs as to which LTE bands that phone has.

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