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LG Velvet 5G Rumored to Cost Less than $750 When It Launches

Back in May, LG revealed that they are launching a new smartphone called the LG Velvet 5G. The phone is being marketed as a 5G-enabled phone, which many believe would be an expensive device. But as revealed today, this 5G phone will actually be priced at a relatively affordable price. Of course, this is comparable to the other high-end 5G smartphones available in the market today.

Prior to today's reports, the LG Velvet 5G was reported to start selling at $735. But as revealed today, the phone will actually cost less than the anticipated Korean Won to US Dollar conversion. The reports say that the device could have a price that's over $100 less than the reported converted price.

If the LG Velvet 5G would be priced at $650, it would definitely be at par with the other 5G devices that other manufacturers have released.

As for the specs, the LG Velvet 5G will be equipped with a 6.8-inch Cinema FullVision display and operate on a Snapdragon 765G processor with 6GB of RAM, 128GB onboard memory, and a microSD card for expandable storage. The phone comes with a triple rear camera configuration with a 48-megapixel main sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. In front, there is a 16-megapixel sensor for selfies and video calls. Other features include a 4,300mAh battery and a headphone jack.

For now, we don't know for sure what the exact price of this phone will be when it launches. But we'll keep checking.


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  1. sounds good. Keep dropping 5G rpicing. No one needs to pay a premium for 5G protocol Is Qualcom listening also? Stop extorting $$$ for your chips with a new protocol

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