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New App Lets You Enjoy Interactive Movies With Friends

A few years ago, we've seen the progress of how movies unfold. This was pretty evident in the choose-your-own-adventure format that movies have evolved to, like the Netflix special, Bandersnatch. Now, it looks like this is something that's going to happen more often.  

Earlier today, it was revealed that a new platform following this format has been released in the US. The app, called Whatifi, is described as a "new category of story hacking"

The surprising thing about this app is that it is backed by a $10 million investment by individuals like Netflix's CFO David Wells, Paypal co-founder Max Levchin, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, and Zynga founder Marc Pincus. According to the report, the app will be available for free and will not include advertising. Instead, they will be launching a freemium app where bonus features may be unlocked by paying for them. 

One exciting thing about this platform is that it allows viewers to make decisions with their friends. They can invite up to nine contacts to join them in watching an interactive movie. When it comes to the part where a decision needs to be made, each viewer gets an option to vote. The app comes with a chat room where viewers can discuss the options amongst themselves. Once an unanimous decision has been made, the movie continues. 

As of this writing, Whatifi only offers a couple of movies. But these two movies already have up to 80 possible endings, which will keep viewers busy for a while. 

The app is currently available for iOS users. You can learn more about Whatifi here.

Source: BusinessWire 


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