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OnePlus Teasing Mid-Range 5G Smartphone Called "OnePlus Lite Z Thing"

OnePlus is getting ready to unveil a new mid-range smartphone and it's doing a lot of teasing in the process. One way they are teasing the phone is by opening an Instagram account called @OnePlusLiteZThing

Right now, it's unsure whether or not this is the actual name of the device or it's just to build up hype. But they are promising to reveal more information about this "new kind of phone" in the following weeks. 

The Instragram account was first revealed by company co-founder, Carl Pei. In addition to Instagram, they have also used their official Twitter account to talk about "new beginnings." 

While these are vague mentions about this new product, CEO Pete Lau gave a bit more of information on the forum post of this phone. According to the executive, this phone is expected to deliver the same "premium, flagship experience" but with a "new, more affordable smartphone product line."

According to rumors, this phone was supposed to be called the OnePlus 8 Lite. Then it was rumored to be the OnePlus Z before finally its new "supposed" name, OnePlus Nord. For its part, OnePlus is not giving a lot of information on this phone. But since it is expected to be officially unveiled in July, the smartphone manufacturer will likely give more news real soon. 

As for its specs, the phone is rumored to have 5G connectivity and will be running on a Snapdragon 765G. There will be around three or four cameras on the back. It is said to cost around $330. 

Source: OnePlus 

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