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Report Says Cricket Wireless Closing Up to 200 Dealer Stores

There are reports that Cricket Wireless is shutting down some of its dealer stores.

The reports come from NWIDA, who shared that as much as 200 dealer stores of the AT&T prepaid brand are being shut down.

But this is a bit of confusing report since there are also reports that Cricket is growing its presence in a number of geographic areas. The reduction of dealer stores, however, do not indicate that they are having problems in attracting customers. Instead, it looks like they are optimizing their distribution by closing down the high-churn and low productivity stores.

Just like other prepaid brands, Cricket is predominately indirect distribution. This means that their stores are not owned by the brand but by SMB dealers.

The report right now appears to be incomplete. We will post more once we get more information from this.

Source: NWIDA 


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  1. Cricket store in White Plains NY closed a few months ago and then reopened with the same counters and fixtures a month ago as a Boost Mobile store.

    Google maps can't keep up

  2. I hope they dont they are a good cellphone carrier

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