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Samsung Users Complain Against Seeing Ads on Built-In Apps

Nobody likes seeing ads pop up on their screen all of the time. And while there are some ads that are tolerable, there are others that can be pretty disruptive. For a number of Samsung phone users in the country and other parts of the world, this is exactly what has been going on with their devices.

The complaints on excessive ads appearing on built-in apps have been posted on Reddit. According to users, they have found ads appear just about everywhere on the stock apps on their devices-- from the weather app, health app, and even on the music app. And while it may be just tempting to turn a blind eye on these ads, the problem is that they aren't just small, text-based ads. Some of these ads even take up a third of their screen's size.

While there is an option to turn off these ads in the marketing information in the Settings app's Privacy page, these ads manage to run past these. Even though they have switched off this option, they still see ads on their screens.

And unfortunately, it isn't just happening on budget devices. There have been some users who have reported seeing unwanted ads on their flagship models like the Galaxy S20, Note 9, and Note 10.

Many can't help but think that the rumor that Samsung is allowing lock screen ads on the release of the latest One UI 2.5 interface is true. And while this might not be the case, many can't help but think that the rumor holds some bearing to it.

Are you a Samsung user who has been seeing unwanted ads on your screen too? What model are you using?

Source: Reddit 


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