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Select LG Stylo 5 Users Can Now Update to Android 10 OS

Good news to users of the LG Stylo 5 on Verizon and Metro by T-Mobile! It looks like you can now update your device to the latest Android 10 OS.

This was revealed on a Reddit post today. According to the users, the Android 10 update rolled out to Verizon and Metro by T-Mobile users. This update comes almost a year since LG released the LG Stylo 5. And since Android 10 OS was launched last September, it took users a waiting time of nearly 10 months.

With the new update users can now enjoy the features of Android 10. Some of these features include gesture navigation, a system-wide Dark mode, Live Captions, and Smart Reply.

Are you still using this device? Were you able to update to Android 10 already?

Source: Reddit 


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  1. still using LG Stylo 4 works fine and still on Android 8.1 doubt it will be updated but so what?!

  2. My stylo 5 is on straight talk, and I am waiting for this update. Seems unfair it's only available to certain users

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