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Simple Mobile, Total Wireless Now Available in Sam's Club

Simple Mobile and Total Wireless are now available in Sam's Club. The expansion of these two Tracfone-owned brands into the retail chain was first observed by Wave7 Research

This is a move that comes at a time when the T-Mobile and Verizon MVNOs are increasing turning to other revenue streams. A few weeks ago, the two brands partnered with doc.com to start offering Telehealth services. In November, Simple Mobile even launched a hotspot plan for connected car users. 

In line with today's new move, there is a special and discounted offer in place at Sam's Club. If you opt to purchase the plan in-store or online, you can get them at a discounted price compared to the other retail chains and online stores. The discount may not be too significant, but it's a discount. An example of the discount is that you can get the $50 unlimited plan from Simple Mobile and $50 plan from Total Wireless at $47.98. Meanwhile, the $100 plan offered by Total Wireless has dropped to $94.98. 

There are also discounts on phone purchases made in-store and online. You can get the iPhone 8 Plus at $389 instead of the $449.99 price tag from other retailers. You can head to your nearby Sam's Club to check out the available offers or visit their website here. 

Apart from Sam's Club, the two brands are carried by other retail giants such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

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