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T-Mobile Explains Reason for Major Outage

T-Mobile Explains Reason for Major Outage
Earlier this week, T-Mobile subscribers were affected by an outage that lasted 12 hours. Affected subscribers had problem with using texting and calling service. Days later and it looks like T-Mobile has already answered questions on what caused the outage.

T-Mobile's president of technology, Neville Ray, explained that the outage was caused by a fiber failure. The redundancy that was intended to be a backup for that failure also failed. And after that, the network was overloaded, which caused capacity issues on the network that supports VoLTE calls.

The executive shared that a leased fiber circuit failure from a third-party provider was the cause of the major outbreak. And while this is a common issue among networks, the redundancy to prevent such failures also failed and overloaded. 

According to T-Mobile they are doing their best to prevent the problem from happening again. They are adding permanent additional safeguards to ensure the issue doesn't occur.

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