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T-Mobile Responds to Reports It Will Be Laying Off Sprint Employees

Earlier this week, there were reports that T-Mobile would be laying off a large number of employees from Sprint as part of its merger.

The report came from a portion of a conference call made by T-Mo vice president James Kirby. The executive spoke to Sprint employees yesterday and let them know about the layoffs. The 6-minute audio recording was obtained by TechCrunch, who reported that almost 400 other individuals were in on the call.

It's unclear how many employees will be laid off, but the reports say that every division of the company will be affected. The employees that are being let go are said to have until August 13. They will then be given a severance pay that is equal to two weeks' pay for every year they are part of the company.

The report shared that the layoffs was being done to make way to prepare for new positions in the T-Mobile-Sprint company. They will be opening 200 new jobs and those that have been laid off are encouraged to apply for a new role.

T-Mobile has responded to the earlier reports and said that they will be adding 5,000 new jobs within the next year. The open positions will be involved in Retail, Care, Engineering, and T-Mobile for Business departments.

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  1. Tmobile promised regulators zero layoffs or terminations. If they returned call centers to America they would not need to layoff anyone.

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