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TextNow and Pure TalkUSA Starts Airing Commercials

About a month ago, Verizon increased the visibility of its prepaid brand called Visible. The company launched its first ever national TV ad campaign as a way of raising consumer awareness.

Now it looks like two other lesser known brands have followed this strategy-- TextNow and Pure TalkUSA.


TextNow has just launched a couple of commercials on national TV and on media streaming sites. Through the commercial, the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO explains that "now more than ever, it's important to stay connected." They are also featuring that they have made it more accessible for people to get phone service. The ad tells viewers they can get a phone number to make a call or text their friends for free.

The other commercial they have launched, entitled "Enough Stress," emphasizes the current struggles of finding a job and paying bills. The ad highlights that TextNow is all free, so viewers no longer have to worry about the minutes they have left on their plan.

The two commercials have been aired over 1,200 times. In addition to a TV commercial, TextNow has used billboards to promote its free plan in a few cities around the country.

Pure TalkUSA 

The AT&T MVNO has also joined in on the bandwagon and has aired radio ads and mentions from Fox News' talk shows. They have also launched a new TV commercial on Fox and Friends, a first since 2018.

The new commercial, entitled "Paying Too Much," highlights the newly updated plan that the MVNO is offering. This plan, priced at $20, is recognized as the cheapest plan offered by Pure TalkUSA. It features unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high-speed data per month.

The ad also mentions a 50% discount on their first month of service.

Have you seen any of these ads on TV?

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