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Venn Mobile Says Service Shut Down is Because of Sprint

Early this year, we were introduced to a new wireless service called Venn Mobile. The company is owned by Teltik, a T-Mobile business plan reseller, but runs service under Sprint's towers. Ever since the launch, the company offered just one unlimited everything plan with 50GB mobile hotspot at $30 per month. 

While it seemed to have a promising start, there is reason to believe that the brand has been shut down. Around a month ago, Venn Mobile stopped selling phones and activating new service lines. By the start of May, the company did not even post on any of its social media channels. And now, there are posts on Reddit that suggest the service may have been stopped completely.

According to some subscribers, the company sent them an email about a problem with Sprint's service outage. BestMVNO reached out to representatives of the company, who confirmed that they have been stuck waiting for Sprint to switch the lines back on. The representative shared that they were told by Sprint that their lines would be restored. But it seems like they are still waiting on when that will happen. 

Some posters on Reddit suggest that the reason behind the shutdown may have been caused by Venn Mobile's delayed payments to its wireless partner. A Redditor even claimed that there was a $26,000 balance from last month. Another Redditor believes that the MVNO could be trying to offer an unlimited plan according to an allotted number of data.

Of course, these are all theories. Venn Mobile has not announced anything just yet. But it's possible that they will be looking for a new provider so that their service will not be affected. After all, it would really affect their business if this continues.


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  1. One week later, Venn has not resumed service nor made any announcements about when it might resume. Its sister company, Teltik, hasn't been accepting orders during this time. Teltik customers are fleeing because they are afraid their service will "Venn-ish," er, I mean, vanish.

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