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Verizon Prepaid Running New $10/Month Discount Online Offer

Verizon Prepaid has just unveiled a couple of deals that are worth checking out.

The first deal lets you enjoy unlimited talk, text, and 16GB of data per month for $35. This is actually a double data offer for the $50 per month plan, which originally includes unlimited talk, text, and 8GB of data. The price of the plan has been brought down to $35 after a $10 per month discount and a $5 per month autopay discount.

The second deal lets you enjoy an unlimited data plan for $55 per month instead of the usual $70 per month price. It also comes with a $10 per month discount and $5 per month autopay discount.

The discount is applied on your second month of service, which means you will need to pay full price on your first month of service. It also requires new activation on a single line or first line on a Family Account.

The offer is available online and for a limited time only. To learn more about the offer, visit this page.

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  1. New plans are supposedly being introduced on June 24, 2020. No word if the replacement plans are better than the current $35/55 deals with auto pay. Student discounts are supposed to be introduced in early July.

    Verizon appears to be taking a much more aggressive stance when it comes to pricing with Verizon Prepaid and it's Visible brands.

    After all these many years - going back to when Verizon was half-owned with Vodafone that Verizon is coming off it's high-horse and beginning to compete on the prepaid side of the business instead of throwing all of that business to the MVNO's.

    Many people would like to have a direct relationship with Verizon - for the right price. Verizon has to balance its need to protect profit margins by offering a slightly reduced product offering vs. the postpaid side of the business in terms of features and the real biggie here - throttling of speeds and caps to data allotments so as not to diminish its market-leading post-paid business.

    As we have seen with Sprint this past week, they will have periods of turmoil as current customers are smack in the middle of Sprint's demise - as towers are re-farmed to T-Mobile and the big one yet to come - when a bunch of Sprint towers are handed over to Dish. With all of the turmoil of Sprint going away - and all of those millions of Sprint customers having to at some point leave/change from Sprint's CDMA network for T-Mobile's GSM network - millions of customers and tens of millions of lines are up for grabs - and Verizon no doubt is going to do some things they wouldn't have done even a year ago to increase their overall market share and price leadership in the cellular landscape.

    Stay tuned...as The Carpenters sang 50 years ago...."We've only just begun"...the next several months are going to be very price friendly for consumers and the business community!


    1. what are the "new" plans?

    2. "Many people would like to have a direct relationship with Verizon - for the right price"

      apparently not THAT price, because verizon prepaid has been bleeding customers for a long time. These new plans are just shuffling things around to look like they offer something better. Apparently hotspot is $5 extra, and they got rig of group/bundle discount

  2. Jeff Moore
    Jun 16
    Without a doubt, we're going to see a shift toward prepaid in the % of wireless adds. In our new prepaid report, we didn't even do an estimate of prepaid stores still open, as nearly all are. Postpaid store open % was 45% in late March, hit 86% as May ended.
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    Mobile World Live
    · Jun 16
    #Blog: Will #COVID19 be the saviour of the #US prepaid sector? @DiaMariesbeat asked @philkendall_SA @SWdeG @wave7jeff to find out https://mobileworldlive.com/blog/blog-coul

    1. Smart move by Verizon by announcing today, Wednesday, June 24, 2020 their new "the longer-you-stay, the more-you-save" plans, similar to what Boost Mobile offered in years past. It builds loyalty for Verizon, offers a reasonably priced Verizon-branded prepaid product, and doesn't appear to cannibalize the Verizon post-paid side of the business.

      I expect when July 1 rolls around as Dish takes over Boost, I expect to see A meltdown.at Boost Mobile.
      Why? As Dish takes over provisioning new lines, adds changes and upgrades from legacy Sprint CDMA to T-Mobile GSM - Dish is going to be in over their heads.
      T-Mobile has basically washed their hands of the Boost Mobile line of business - and wants nothing to do with it - and other than contractually required support - Dish Network is on their own as far as supporting their customers - and most importantly, the dealers who activate the vast majority of lines.

      Add into the equation the number of Virgin Mobile customers who were abruptly transitioned over to the Boost Mobile platform. Do you believe that Charlie Ergen of Dish is going to let previous Virgin Mobile customers stay on their $20.00 per month price plans at Boost Mobile?

      The problem is already so bad at Boost Mobile that unless you are on an unlimited price plan of $50.00 or more, there is no way to upgrade to the T-Mobile GSM network - it doesn't work. So if you're plan is metered, forget about upgrading until Dish maybe fixes the problem.

      Wasn't it Dish that was complaining that they wanted ALL Boost Mobile lines converted to GSM before they took over on July 1? That's not going to happen.

      Dish is going to do everything possible to get those customers off of CDMA right away - so they reduce the cash burn they have to pay T-Mobile for remaining on the legacy Sprint CDMA network.

      Where is this all going? Verizon and the other companies are ready to lick their chops with dollar $igns in their eyeballs if Dish fails and falls apart with Boost Mobile after July 1.

      What will AT&T and the others offer in the next few days and weeks?

      If I were a Boost Mobile dealer right now, I would be very angry in that my supply of phones has been "allocated" - sounds like when Wendy's "allocated" beef to their franchisees a couple of months ago - meaning "none"!

      Then to hurt me more as a Boost Mobile dealer - I can't close sales because of the inability to sell devices, and/or upgrade customers to the T-Mobile GSM network.
      Many dealers took a large financial hit to their bottom lines with Corona-virus related store closures - at least some have been eligible for government assistance.

      With the mis-management by T-Mobile of the Boost Mobile business, and waiting to see what happens when Dish takes over - do those dealers get a bailout from T-Mobile and/or Dish?


  3. AT&T is king of prepaid right now, $40/25GBs through Walmart and $50/Unlimited Plus with 5G access and hotspot

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