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Android 11 Not Getting a Dessert Nickname Too

Google has always used the name of a dessert for its mobile operating system versions. The only time it didn't do so was with Android 10, which they simply referred to as that. With Android 11, however, it looks like Google plans to bring back its strategy of naming different Android versions with a popular dessert; at least for their own staff.

According to Google's VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke, Android 11 is internally known as "Red Velvet Cake." The revelation was made on the All About Android podcast, in which Burke was a guest. In the podcast, Burke revealed how Android 11 got its nickname:

"We are turning it up to 11, as you know, so it's Android 11. However, if you were to ask an engineer on my team, 'What are you working on?', they would say, 'RVC.' So 'RVC' is Red Velvet Cake."

Google has been naming its Android versions alphabetically. The previous OS they named was Android 9 Pie. With Android 10, Google's Android team had a nickname for the OS-- "Quince Tart." This was in reference to the letter Q, which was supposed to be the next in line for the OS. Google even referred to the OS as "Android Q" during the days leading up to its release. But they decided to officially call this OS as "Android 10."

Unfortunately, the Red Velvet Cake name for Android 11 is only an internal nickname. Google has explained why they decided to officially stick to the numbered name of its Android versions since it causes confusion for some. After all, what would happen if they run out of letters in the alphabet?


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