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AT&T Prepaid Unveils New 6 Multi-Month Plan at $180

Almost a year ago, we saw AT&T introducing its multi-month plans to its prepaid division. Fast forward to today and AT&T Prepaid has added a new multi-month discount plan.

The new plan was spotted by Dennis Bournique, who shared it on his Twitter account. The tweet revealed that the newest AT&T Prepaid multi-month plan comes as a 6-month plan for $180. This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and 8GB of high-speed data per month. The price comes down to $30 per month.

Prior to this new plan, AT&T Prepaid has been offering a $99 3-month plan and a $300 12-month plan. Both plans also include the same features (unlimited talk, text, and 8GB high-speed data).

To know more about the new multi-month plan offer, visit this website.

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