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Blue Wireless Ends Its Mobile Business

Blue Wireless has shut down. And in the process, the regional carrier has sold is spectrum to Verizon.

This does not really come as a shock, especially since they already informed their customers a few months ago that they will be shutting down. True enough, the notice it sent out in April has stuck to the July shut down schedule.

Along with its closure, Blue did not transfer customers to other carriers. Wave7 Research, however, spotted a photo at an upstate New York Metro store that welcomed customers.

Blue Wireless serves customers in Pennsylvania and new York. The carrier has been operational since 2004 and even sponsored a free Wi-Fi installation in Buffalo as late as 2018.

The name "Blue" comes from its Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless. They offered a $20 per month plan that included unlimited talk, text, and LTE data with unlimited mobile hotspot use.

Source: NWIDA 

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