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Google Accidentally Reveals Android 11 Launch Date

When it comes to Android 11, Google has been pretty vague about its launch date. In fact, the have shared that the update will probably get released in Q3 2020. But it looks like they accidentally revealed when the latest OS will be released.

According to a screenshot image, there is reason to believe that the update could be launched on September 8th. The image comes from a "Works With 'Hey Google' Smart Home Summit" stream that went live last night.

During the presentation, Google was talking about the new Controls feature that allowed users to quickly access the smart home controls. The image was accidentally flashed with a phrase that said "Checklist for September 8th Android launch." To this, Michele Turner replied "We're launching everywhere on September 8th."

Considering Google launched Android 10 on September 3 last year, this makes a lot of sense. We all have something to look forward to, thanks to this accidental slip.


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