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New Changes In Store for Boost Mobile in August

Earlier this month, Dish Network officially took over as the new owner of the Boost Mobile brand. Along with the takeover, Dish unveiled the changes it made to the plans on the prepaid brand. The company revealed a new logo as well as the two new plans that it offered. Fast forward to a few weeks later and it looks like there are other major changes in store for the brand.

According to the Wave7 Research, the changes include deemphasizing family plans. The report showed that the prepaid brand no longer offered free phones to switchers on family unlimited data plans. The report says that this was noticed in mid-July.

As of this writing, Boost still offers free phones to individuals who port-in on unlimited plans and the other individual line plans offered by the brand. But it looks like there could be more changes in place for August.

As shared by Sneed Mobile Tech, Boost Mobile is expected to unveil new plans and promotions in August. Details about these, however, are still scarce at this time. But considering that August is just a few days away, we could be hearing about these new changes real soon.

In the meantime, here is Boost Mobile's latest commercial that highlights its $hrink-It! plan.

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