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Over 1,100 Prepaid Stores Have Closed

There are over 1,100 prepaid stores that shut down between November and June.

The number comes from the estimate made by Wave7 Research when it counted the postpaid and prepaid stores that closed during this time period. The number consists of stores owned by AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

In the prepaid sector, the brands that closed some of its stores include Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and Metro by T-Mobile.

In addition to this, plenty of carrier-owned stores shut down during the pandemic but have since reopened. The health crisis, however, wasn't the main reason for these retail stores to shut down. Even before the stores were forced to close, many of them have already started closing. The pandemic only "enhanced things a bit."

Ever since last year, people were encouraged to take their business online or through apps. But even though this might look like a norm these days, retail stores will still be a venue where most of the transactions will take place. They will continue to be important as consumers will need access to purchase things they need like insurance, accessories, and even chargers.

Still, this does not include the fact that several Sprint stores have permanently closed as part of its T-Mobile merger. Last year, there was around 3,835 Sprint-owned stores counted. By June, the number went down to 3,300. And as the date progresses, it's likely that there could be zero stores left when the brand is retired on August 2.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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