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Report: Samsung Could Lower Price of Galaxy Note 20

Samsung is getting ready for its upcoming Unpacked event on August 5th. During the event, the South Korean manufacturer is expected to launch three new devices--- the Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and Galaxy Note 20. Out of this list, the Galaxy Note 20 is said to be something to look forward to.

Previous reports say that the Galaxy Note 20 is believed to be the most expensive Note device that Samsung will release.

According to the reports, pricing of the Galaxy Note 20 will start at $1,410 in Greece. But there is another report that surfaced that the Galaxy Note 20 will start at $999.

If the rumor is true, Samsung might have a difficult time selling this device, especially now that consumers aren't keen on buying a different device with the ongoing health crisis. There is another report that the manufacturer could be giving in and reducing the price of the flagship phone. We'll know for sure once the device is finally revealed.


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  1. Haha no one in their right mind would splurge on a $1000 phone in this economic turmoil period

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