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Report: Samsung May No Longer Include Chargers in Its Boxes

Earlier this week, there were reports that Apple could be shipping the iPhone 12 without its own charger inside the box. And now, it looks like Samsung may be following this practice.

There are reports that say Samsung could be shipping its new phones without a charger inside the box. The report suggest that this will be the new norm for Samsung in 2021, as a way for the company to reduce costs.

In addition to reducing costs, Samsung's decision to exclude a charger is because of its impact on the environment. Since most people who buy a new phone will likely use their existing charger, it would help Samsung cut down on e-waste.

There is no official word yet on whether this will actually be happening. Samsung has not even disclosed which devices will no longer have a charger in its box.

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  1. Dear Customers, pay thousand dollars for our phone and then buy a charger extra. Good job, Apple & Samsung! What is next? Buy a car with no tires, cost extra. Crazy!

    1. They're already selling cars without spare tires.......

  2. If the Samsung device would have included some type of a rapid charger, then I want that upgraded charger because I only have standard chargers for Android devices. But I am actually planning on buying the iPhone SE in the next couple of months. I have never had an iPhone before so I don't have their proprietary charger and that means I would have to buy something which I don't want to do, especially after spending $400 for the phone. I hope they will at least include the charging cable with the Samsung and iPhone devices so perhaps I can use a charging plug that I already have.

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