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Samsung Officially Launches Its Samsung Money Program

Samsung officially revealed its plans to launch its own Samsung Money program a couple of months ago. And now, they have officially launched this to its customers in the US.

Along with its launch, Samsung has offered a cash management account and a Mastercard debit card. The South Korean manufacturer has partnered with Sofi for a digital money management service. Through this partnership, you can do certain actions on Samsung Pay like review your statements, check your balance, freeze and unfreeze your card, and many more.

The good thing about having a Samsung Money account is that you do not have to incur account fees, overdraft fees, or even transfer fees. It also gives you access to over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs. Samsung says that you can earn up to 6 times higher interest rates as opposed to the national average. Lastly, each account is covered by FDIC insurance by up to $1.5 million.

To make things more appealing to customers, Samsung has added some of its special perks. For every purchase made within Samsung Pay, customers will earn Samsung Rewards. They will also be giving out exclusive discounts on its devices for Samsung Money users.

Additionally, Samsung will be giving out a physical debit card for Samsung Money users. This card serves as a real debit card that you can used during an emergency. So if you're out paying for something and your phone runs out of battery, you can use the physical debit card to make your purchase.

If you are interested in this new program, visit this link to learn more.


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