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Straight Talk Wireless Unveils New Ads

Straight Talk Wireless has just launched a series of new commercials as a way of inviting more people to switch to their service. In addition to the new commercials, the Tracfone-owned brand has also launched a new "No Fees Phone Payment Plan."

No Deposit

Earlier this month, Straight Talk launched a new commercial that feature a back to school offer that lets users switch to the MVNO to get a "new phone payment plan with no fees, no contract, and no deposits." They can even pick up a new Samsung device for as low as $7 per month.

This ad was launched in July 13. And ever since then, it looks like Straight Talk has decided to lower the price for a new phone.

When you visit Straight Talk's website, you can get your hands on a phone you want starting at around $5 per month. One of the devices you can get is the Samsung Galaxy A10e, which is available at $4.12 per month.

The good thing about this offer is that it does not require a deposit. You will have to sign up for a 24-month lease-to-own payment plan though. The catch though is that it is not available in some states, such as Minnesota, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Same Networks For Less Ad

In another ad, Straight Talk highlighted that its customers get the "Same Networks for Less". It basically told viewers that they aren't limited to enjoying the best networks from big wireless companies since their service runs on the same network throughout the country.

Straight Talk offers service under the networks of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.


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  1. Its all BS. A $700 iPhone 11 will cost you an additional $520 to finance. Its all dependent on your credit. I did it the other day and the math did not add up.

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