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T-Mobile Ending Support for Non-VoLTE Compatible Devices in January 2021

Yesterday, AT&T gave some of its customers a mild panic over an email they sent out informing them that they needed to upgrade their devices. The email bore a bold headline that read "UPDATE NEEDED," which demanded some sort of urgency since they were shutting down their 3G network and customers would lose service.

But as it turned out, AT&T won't be shutting down its 3G network until February 2022. Because of the uproar the email received, the wireless provider apologized for the confusion caused by the email and promised they would be "more clear in future updates."

With that being said and done, T-Mobile has sent out a similar message to its customers. But unlike AT&T, T-Mobile was clearer on its dates.

According to reports, T-Mobile will be requiring new devices operating under its network to include VoLTE (Voice over LTE) support by August 4th. Unfortunately, it will require its subscribers to upgrade their devices too. This is because non-VoLTE compatible devices will no longer work on T-Mobile's network starting January 2021.

T-Mobile has not yet released the document to its customers. Instead, it sent this out for its representatives to be able to give better advice to customers who are interested in buying a new device. This way, they won't have to end up losing service with a non-VoLTE compatible device that's less than six months old.

The change will affect T-Mobile and all of its MVNOs and prepaid brands, namely Metro by T-Mobile, Ting, Mint Mobile, and Consumer Cellular. 


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  1. Wow! So can I switch from T-Mobile to AT&T for year 2021 with my compatible unlocked non-VoLTE phone in order to get another year of use out of it?

  2. It that's what floats your boat......

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