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Tracfone Wireless, Inc. Joins NWIDA

Tracfone Wireless, Inc. has just joined the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association (NWIDA). The report was revealed by NWIDA today as it welcomed Tracfone, along with its other brands: Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Tracfone Wireless, Total Wireless, Net10, and many more.

The company was welcomed by Adam Wolf, NWIDA President:

“We’re thrilled to have TracFoneWireless, Inc. and their six Master Agents join. As other companies are terminating their dealers, NWIDA is committed to assisting them find new products, services and keep their doors open. TracFone Wireless, Inc. is looking to grow, not shrink, their distribution and we are happy to be able to offer them as a great option for the dealers.”

Meanwhile, Tracfone's Senior Vice President Indirect Channel, Lee Mrazek, shared:

"Joining NWIDA, with our Master Agent partners, makes sense as we continue to expand our distribution. As a member of NWIDA, we are eager to share our brands with NWIDA's wireless dealer members to help them grow their businesses and profits."

Tracfone's move was followed by its Master Agents namely NexGen, Modern Wireless, Cellucom, Megatel Wireless, RushStar, and Abmnus.

Source: NWIDA 


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  1. i now get both operating system and security updates much faster from tracfone than i get from cricket and at&t!
    i am sure that will come as a shock to many readers on this site.
    it also tells you what the recently departed head of at&t did to destory their cell business and direct tv.
    he aws the best friend dish network and cable comapnied could ever wish for......:)

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