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Verizon Exits Target, Consumer Cellular Takes Over

It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Consumer Cellular in Target stores. This is because the AT&T and T-Mobile MVNO has taken over the space that was previously allocated to Verizon Wireless after the latter exited from the retail giant.

A spokesperson for Verizon confirmed that its postpaid service will no longer be sold at any of the 1,500 Target stores. As explained by the spokesperson:

"Verizon continuously evaluates our strategies to serve customers through our own channels, available at verizowireless.com/stores, and relationships with retailers. At this time, we have elected to allow our postpaid services distribution with Target to expire. We wish them continued success."

As of this writing, Consumer Cellular is now available in 700 Target locations. It will roll out to over 750 stores in October. With this expansion, the MVNO believes that they will be able to double its current footprint. CEO John Marick shared:

"The partnership has allowed us to not only sell our products and services, but also has provided the opportunity to send our customers directly to Target locations when they need in-person support. Our combined success has enabled us to move into the space previously occupied by Verizon Wireless. The expanded footprint and more prominent visibility allows us to better showcase our products and services to our valued customers and Target's guests."

In a statement to Fierce Wireless, the CEO shared that in over 300 stores, Consumer Cellular phones will be sold directly to consumers who can activate them at home instead of by MarketSource employees. This will be a temporary setup since Target associates will be able to activate devices in store once again starting in September.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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