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Cable-Owned MVNOs Show Growth in Q2 2020

It looks like things are doing well for the mobile brands owned by cable companies like Comcast, Altice Mobile, and Charter Communications. The three recently released their Q2 2020 earnings and their numbers show an increase in their wireless subscriber count. But should the major wireless carriers feel threatened by this?

With the recent developments in the mobile industry, it's worth mentioning that things are really changing up. Things like the recession, COVID-19 health crisis, T-Mobile-Sprint merger, 5G evolution, and Dish Network's new venture certainly play a vital role in the mobile industry. And with all these things happening in 2020, it really poses a challenge to the carriers.

The cable companies reported that they were able to grow their mobile brands during the quarter. Charter Communications was able to add 325,000 subscribers to its Spectrum Mobile brand, earning them 1.69 million subscribers. Comcast reported 126,000 new subscribers for Xfinity Mobile, which now gives them a total of 2.39 million subscribers. And Altice Mobile now has 140,000 service lines with an additional 34,000 customers during the quarter.

One reason why cable companies are gaining all these customers is because they already serve a massive number of customers. And they use this to their advantage by marketing their mobile business to them. This is something that Wave7 Research's Jeff Moore has noted. Moore even shares that cable companies are encouraging their existing customers to bring your own device (BYOD). And since these are credit-worthy customers, they are already confident in the credibility of these individuals.

According to Fierce Wireless, this is something that the major wireless carriers might not take notice of for some time; especially with their millions of customers. If those numbers continue to rise, however, that's the time they ought to worry. And with that, it's highly possible that they will need to be more aggressive about wooing back their wireless customers.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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