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Google Making Changes to Android

Google recently revealed that it is working on certain features that will improve its Android mobile platform.

One of the things they are working on is an earthquake detection network that converts an ordinary Android smartphone into a mini seismometer. They are also bringing their Bedtime mode to more devices. Google is also improving Android Auto and Lookout app.

Android Earthquake Alerts System

Google has included an accelerometer into every smartphone that runs Android OS. Prior to today's announcement, this feature helps determine when you rotate your device to landscape mode. And now, this feature will help your phone detect when there is an earthquake.

Once an earthquake is detected, your phone will send a signal to the earthquake detection server with a coarse location information on where it is taking place. The server will combine this information with the ones it receives from other devices to determine if an earthquake is taking place.

Google will be working with both the United States Geological Survey and California Governor's Office of Emergency Alerts so that earthquake alerts can be sent out to every Android device in the state.

The alerts will be sent out by ShakeAlert system that was created by leading seismologists. The system makes use of signals from over 700 seismometers that have been installed throughout the state. This way, each user can get an alert on his device a few seconds before an earthquake takes places. The alert includes the estimated magnitude, distance of the earthquake, as well as instructions on how to protect yourself.

Bedtime Feature

Earlier this year, Google unleashed its Bedtime feature exclusively for Pixel devices. But now, the company announced that they will be making this feature available to devices running Android 6.0 or higher.

The feature is available inside Google's Clock app. It mainly allows you to have a consistent sleep schedule with wake and daily sleep times. The feature also gives you reminders when your bedtime is nearing. It plays calming music from apps such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Calm.

The feature also lets you take a look at calendar appointments for the next day so you know what you have lined up for. Lastly, it wakes you up with a gentle Sunrise Alarm.

Android Auto

Google is also improving its Android Auto preferences. With the improvement, you can simply tap on your calendar app so you can check appointments and even get directions or call the person you're meeting.

The feature is also being improved so you can manage your preferences on your car's display.

Lookout App

Google is improving its Lookout app by letting users scan long form documents and turn them into readable text. Products can also be identified through their food labels, which make it easier to use for those who need to access this regularly.

Google is also expanding Lookout to more phones and languages.

To know more about these changes, visit Google's blog.

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  1. Oh my...more steps towards the new world order complete control system!

  2. Then Apple will copy some and give it an "i" name as if they invented it. Watch for Apple to copy the Motorola feature of holding your phone vertically but making a wide screen video and picture as in their new Stylo G phone. "iView" seems like a good name....

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