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Google Pixel 4 Currently On Sale at US Retailers

Ever since Google announced its newest Pixel 4a smartphone, it discontinued its predecessors-- the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

But even so, these two phones continue to be thought of as ideal phones for someone who wants a device with modest specs. The good news though is that the Pixel 4 is currently on sale.

There are two US retailers that are currently offering a discount on the unlocked model of the Pixel 4. With the discount applied, the price of the phone goes down to just $550. But there's still another deal that gives a bigger discount on this device.

Best Buy is currently offering the Pixel 4 for $450 instead of the $799.99 price tag that it launched with. B&H, on the other hand, offers the Pixel 4 at $550 but it comes with a free AVODA TPU case worth $20.

Since this is an unlocked model, you can use the device on any carrier that you prefer. You can click here and here for more information on the discount.

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