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Metro by T-Mobile Drops Price of iPhone SE, Announces ON US Offer Changes

Metro by T-Mobile has made a few announcements for its customers today. Among the announcements made today include the reduced price of the iPhone SE and some changes to its ON US offer.

Learn more about these announcements here:

iPhone SE Price Drop

The T-Mobile prepaid brand has brought down the price of the iPhone SE. Instead of paying $99.99 for the 64GB variant, you can now get yours hands on this device for $49.99. This is the first time that Metro by T-Mobile has lowered the price of this new phone. Since it launched in April, the iPhone SE had always been priced at $99.99.

This is an in-store only offer exclusive for switchers. You need to have an active service for 6 months and enable autopay in order to get the phone at this price. Customers who are deemed eligible for the offer can get the $250 instant rebate. After six months, they will also receive a $100 virtual prepaid card.

In line with the new iPhone SE offer, Metro by T-Mobile has re-launched its TV commercial with the $49.99 pricing update. You can watch the ad here:

New ON US Offer Changes

Metro by T-Mobile has also added a new switcher offer for customers. Switchers can get an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K or Echo Dot ON US. This is available for new and existing customers. New customers will need to switch to the $60 unlimited data plan with Amazon Prime. Existing customers, however, need to add or upgrade a line to the same $60 plan.

Once the eligibility requirement has been met, customers can pick from either device they want to get for free. Only one free device is allowed per account/household. Metro will send a special code through text that can be used at Amazon for claiming the device. Shipping charges and taxes are applicable.

Phone & Tablet ON US Changes

Meanwhile, Metro has increased the price of its Phone & Tablet ON US offer with 2 unlimited lines. When the offer was first unveiled in February, the prepaid brand gave out a free phone and tablet and 2 unlimited lines for $65 per month. Now, the price has been increased to $75 per month. The change, however, includes an Amazon Prime subscription, which was not available before.

The free devices include the Samsung Galaxy A11 and Alcatel Joy tab. 

You can learn more about Metro by T-Mobile's announcements here.

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