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Metro by T-Mobile Rewarding Customers With $100 Prepaid Card

Metro by T-Mobile is currently running a promotion for customers who want to buy a new phone or bring your own phone (BYOD) over to the network.

For a limited period, you can get a $100 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard when you activate service and maintain a good standing account for at least 75 days. You will also need to pay for three consecutive months of service in order to get the complimentary offer.

Once these conditions are met, a representative from the T-Mobile-owned prepaid brand will send you a text notifying you how you can get your complimentary prepaid card.

This is an online-only offer. If you are interested, you will need to purchase your SIM kit and activate your new or existing device through their online option.

You can click here to learn more about this offer.


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  1. Family plans are limited to the same $100.The new activation fee eats up thr savings from this gift card if you are willing to wait months to get it.

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