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Motorola Sends Out invite for Sept. 9 Event

motorola-sends-out-invites-for-sept-9-eventMotorola has been reported to be working on a new version of the Motorola Razr. And we're getting word that this new device could be launched in less than a month.

Earlier today, reports said that Motorola sent out invites to journalists for an event on September 9th. Motorola teases that this event will "flip the smartphone experience once again." They have also included a GIF to tease the upcoming event.

Taking into consideration the clues that the smartphone manufacturer included, it's easy to assume that this could be the new Razr foldable phone.

And according to previous leaks, the new Razr could include more RAM, onboard storage, and a higher battery capacity. These things will supposedly improve the specs on the last Razr device.

Considering the phone is expected to cost a lot of money, it's really good to see that Motorola will be improving the specs on the new model.

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